Praise From the Public….

“For me, the Alameda County Law Library is the most important public service organization in the county. The helpful and knowledgeable staff always guide me to the right books so that I can solve any legal question that I have.”

“The library is a valuable resource for individuals who have no access or very little access to legal professionals. It provides research tools that are not available from other service providers.”

“I can’t imagine how I could have prepared to meet with an attorney and minimize my legal fees without the Law Library here in Oakland!”

“The library helped me keep my family safe from an unsafe situation. I was able to obtain forms to file a restraining order.”

“The library helped me research criminal procedures in a $700 book that I otherwise couldn’t afford to access.”

“This law library is a great resource for everyone. It is beneficial for people who cannot afford a lawyer to help with their cases. This allows them a place they can go to and research cases on how they should proceed in their cases for FREE!! It costs money to file cases in courts. Many people are on a paycheck to paycheck basis. Please see if this Law Library can be tied in to other public library funding.”

“So very helpful. The county web site should mention the Law Library as the first step in doing your own divorce!”

“The library gave me a quiet, stress-free place to work on a stressful issue.”

“The law library helped me tremendously with my case. It helped me reach a positive outcome in my life, and I want to thank the hard-working staff for making a difference.”

“The law library helped me find information about grandparents’ rights/visitation and guardianship.”

“I am dealing with a very sensitive and heartbreaking divorce and custody matter. Law library staff were patient and helpful.”

“Library staff were very helpful in supplying me with the proper tools needed to file court documents pro per. They were patient with me and took the time to help me find the information I needed. I will be forever grateful. Thanks for being there when I really needed guidance.”


Praise From Attorneys….

“The law library is an invaluable service. It is not a “nicety” or an extra. That is because lawyers are not affordable at $350 an hour, or more! The vast majority of people need full access to the law library for legal needs.”

“I see a substantial number of unrepresented individuals finding answers to their problems with help from the librarians/staff. I have often thought that, without the law library, these people would have no meaningful access to vital legal information (the internet is full of bad information and predators & many poor/elderly people do not have great cyber-skills).”

“This library has been crucial to me throughout my law career. It is an important resource for any attorney who does not work for a big firm- and that is a large group. Solo practitioners, those who work part-time at home (e.g. those with children), those with an office in the city but who wish to telecommute but cannot work at home, and any lawyer working on a big project who needs a quiet, uninterrupted space consider the county law library an invaluable resource. Please support it.”

“The law library provides me with resources I could never afford to purchase on my own.”

“I was able to meet with a pro bono client in a convenient, centrally located spot. Since I mostly do pro bono work at present, I don’t have a formal office in which to meet clients. Being able to meet in the library is invaluable!” 

“I am a sole practitioner living in Oakland, CA. I find this library invaluable to me personally and the community. It makes legal research tools available that I would otherwise be unable to afford or I would have to pass on to my clients, making access to my services out of their price range. I would happily donate more or pay a reasonable fee to preserve this wonderful community resource. Thank you!”

“Revisiting the Law Library after a long hiatus, I feel as if I have rediscovered a fabulous and essential community treasure! The essential link to our government, our courts, our rights, liberties and freedoms is our knowledge about them. The Law Library is an essential resource.”