Copy, Print & Fax


Copying is $0.25/page. Double-sided copies are $.0.50/page. Black and white only.

A self-service coin-operated photocopier with a document feeder is available.

The copier accepts credit cards, nickles, dimes, quarters, one-dollar bills and five-dollar bills.

Change is dispensed only after copies are made.



Printing is $0.25/page. Double-sided prints are $.0.50/page. Black and white only.

Printing is available from all library computers. After printing, you need to go to the Reference Desk to release your print job and pay for your prints.

Printing is not available from patron devices at this time.



The library charges $2.50/page to send a fax, and $1.00/page to receive a fax. A free cover sheet is provided.

Faxing service is available at the Reference Desk. The library’s fax number is (510) 208-3907.