Dublin & Fremont Library Collections

Legal Research Collections at Dublin Library & Fremont Library

Did you know that you can access select legal research materials and databases at the Dublin and Fremont public libraries? Both the Dublin and Fremont libraries are open on weekends and in the evenings.

In partnership with the Alameda County Library system, the Alameda County Law Library received grants from the California State Library to establish the Legal Resource Collection @ Fremont Library (New in 2021!) and the Legal Resource Collection @ Dublin Library.

Collection Highlights

  • Legal Database Access – From designated computers, access Westlaw- Dublin Library Only (primary law, secondary sources (Rutter Guides, Witkin, KeyCite); Lexis Advance (primary law, CA secondary sources, pleadings & motions, verdicts, Shepard’s); CEB OnLaw (CEB practice guides and forms); Trellis Law (Superior Court filings, verdicts, judge analytics), Dissomaster child/spousal support software, Nolo Press eBooks
  • Practice Guides from Matthew Bender, Thomson Reuters, CEB & more!
  • Legal Self-Help Books from Nolo Press
  • Legal Forms

Library Hours & Locations: Fremont Library; Dublin Library